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    Quality inspector

    Job Responsibilities:
    1, responsible for the daily production of quality inspection.

    2, responsible for raw materials, purchased parts, outside the processing of pieces of processing inspection.

    3, responsible for the finished product inspection and issue a certificate.

    4, the preparation of quality management system, and is responsible for the implementation; drafting quality notification and responsible for the implementation

    6, to participate in the workshop tooling preparation, evaluation of the reliability of tooling tooling.

    7, coordination of technical departments on the handling of waste defect notice.

    8, to participate in the maintenance, supervision of quality system operation, organization and management of internal quality audit work.

    9, according to the operating instructions and the corresponding process on the material spare parts for inspection, fill in the inspection records, and pay the production supervisor.

    10, summary, archive the quality record and related information.

    Job requirements:

    1, 3 years of mechanical manufacturing industry or related inspection positions work;

    2, proficient in machinery manufacturing equipment and technology; office software operating skilled, CAD, can operate fixture.

    3, good communication skills. Can actively deal with the problem, can withstand some pressure.